The "Mm +" APP is officially launched
Independently developed and innovative Baiquan Internet of Things cloud service platform
"specialized, refined, and innovative"
Zhongchengkangfu has been awarded the title of "specialized, refined, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise
Baiquan Family medical project started
It indicates that medical use has been widely used for civilian use
Millimeter wave clinical research base opens
The strategic layout of jointly building 50 "Hundred-complete millimeter wave clinical research bases" with the national top three hospitals was officially opened
In collaboration with Queen's Medical Centre, Univ
zhongchnegkangfu collaborated with the Queen's Medical Centre at the University of Nottingham in the UK to promote international communication in millimeter wave therapy
Millimeter Wave Therapy (China) Clinical Medicine
The first academic conference of Baiquan Millimeter Wave was held in Beijing, attended by nearly 50 medical personnel from top three hospitals, and signed the feasibility report of "millimeter Wave Therapy (China) Clinical Medicine", speeding up the promotion of Baiquan millimeter wave in hospital clinical medicine
Millimeter wave has achieved product innovation
After several research and development tests, millimeter-wave has achieved product innovation in medical applications
Millimeter wave clinical medicine formal project
Millimeter wave medical application technology breaks through foreign technology blockade and realizes the formal project of millimeter wave clinical medicine.
Baiquan KFA-S plus personalized products
Baiquan KFA-S plus personalized products [Peony powder pink] and [pine and Cypress green] were officially released
New product -KFA-200
KFA-200 millimeter wave therapy instrument inheriting limited edition
Wireless charging KFA-S1 officially launched
The first portable wireless charging type of millimeter wave therapy instrument in China
Clinical trial of hospital line product ZCKF-ZL-I
Baiquan millimeter wave hospital line product ZCKF-ZL-I(Cancer Medical device) officially entered clinical trials.
KFA-M001 and KFA-100B are launched
Baiquan millimeter Wave has launched the hospital line products KFA-M001 and KFA-100B, realizing the treatment of multiple people in one machine
Millimeter wave into the military medical system
Baiquan millimeter wave therapeutic instrument products officially entered the military medical system
KFA-100A has passed the national certification
Baiquan millimeter wave KFA-100A medical equipment passed the national certification for the first time and entered the country's major top three hospitals to carry out whole-department application
zhongcheng Kangfu was officially established
Beijing Zhongcheng Kangfu Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established. It is a digital high-tech joint-stock enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and management of millimeter wave medical equipment in China, and has made every effort to build a national brand of "Baiquan"



Company name: Beijing Zhongcheng Kangfu Technology Co., LTD

Address: 12 / F, Gate 7, West Block, Dacheng Plaza, 28 Xuanwumen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

China service phone: 400-060-2580

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